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Relocation Tours

From the time you land in San Miguel de Allende, we’ve got you covered.

Airport Pickup
Our English speaking driver gives many of our tours, and is also a real estate agent and Jorge can answer a ton of questions during the drive. 1.5 hours, $95/usd each way from BJX or QRO

We have a short term or long term rental waiting for you.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Neighborhood Tour
You let us know what your interests are, and we’ll show you neighborhoods that might appeal to you – and a few that won’t – so you will know what to look for and what to avoid when doing your property searches. During our time, we’ll be answering questions, pointing out important landmarks, sharing information. $95/USD, 4-6 hours

Rentals Tour
You give us your wish list and we’ll show you as many qualified rentals as we can find. Keep in mind, long term rentals are scarce these days, and this includes up to 10 hours of us digging around for you and making appointments. We’re here, on the ground, doing this daily, so we know of things that aren’t posted online, but they go quick, so we strongly recommend that you book this tour when you are sincerely ready to put down a security deposit immediately. The average well-priced, long term rental is on the market less than a week. We’ll show you 2-6 qualified long term rentals. $95/usd

Property Tour
We’ll do searches for properties on your behalf and you are welcome to send us the listings you have found online. As a buyers agent, we can show you ANY property you find on ANY agency website in San Miguel de Allende. We’ll make all the appointments, and show you the properties you WANT to see, not just the properties each agency agent wants to show you. We won’t waste your time. $95/USD, fully refunded upon purchase of any home where we’ve represented you as a buyer.

Lot/Building Tour
San Miguel is a great place to build your dream home! We’ll show you lots and land, introduce you to architects, builders, landscapers and more. We work as your agent, and make a commissions if you purchase a land and build a home with our contacts. $95/USD, fully refunded upon purchase of any lot/land where we’ve represented you as a buyer.

Relocation Workshop
Often people arrive and have questions relating to relocation and living in Mexico. We’ll sit down and answer every question – visas, healthcare, retirement, things to do, what to expect – you let us know what you want to know – you can even provide a detailed list in advance! and we’ll call in the experts. We know the best people to ask – plus we’ll provide you with a follow up list of resources tailored to your needs so you won’t waste time reaching out to anyone but the best. 2-4 hours. $95/USD, 2 hours

Let us know what you’d like to see/do, and we’ll get you all set up.

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